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Terms and Conditions

Using our website indicates that you have read and agree to our terms of service. If you do not agree to any of the terms you do not have authorisation to visit or access information from the site. You further agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the site.

We are Not a Party to any Rental Agreement

It is up to you to use our website responsibly. Any transaction entered into, whether listing or renting a property, is an agreement between you and the other party. We will not act as a third party nor can we contact any property owner listed in the site. Instead we allow members to offer properties on out site that allows direct contact with interested parties. Our company will not be involved with any transaction on the site. We do not take responsibility for the listings, their accuracy or any other information within the advert. We do not guarantee your safety with any of the properties. Additionally we do not guarantee payment to individuals renting a property or that the property listed will be in compliance with laws. We assume no liability for the condition of the property.

We assume no responsibility for fraudulent activity on our website. We are, however, willing to work to stop fraudulent activity and other illegal activities in which we are aware of.

Unauthorised Use of Site

This site was intended to provide a service to individuals. While license to use the site is given, it does not include the right to copy, duplicate, display, scrape or otherwise use robots, spiders, or other data mining devices. Information derived for the sole purpose of displaying hyperlinks can be used as long as they are done from a stable IP address.

Unauthorised use of the site includes the following information. You agree that you will not engage in any of the following without prior authorisation in writing.

  • Any commercial use of the site, unless a paid member in good standing;
  • Any use of the site or tools and services on the site for purposes other than booking, renting or listing a rental;
  • Copy, reproduce, upload, post, display, transmit, distribute or republish any part of the content from the site;
  • Reproduce any of the information of the site to your website;
  • The sell, or offer thereof, of the website
  • Using any device to monitor, copy or possess a database copy of the website content;
  • Use the site in a way other than to book a rental or place an advert for a rental
  • Post any unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, indecent, pornographic, sexually explicit or profane;
  • Violate the plagiarism rights or infringe on the rights of use of the site by a third party;
  • Use the site in any way that could adversely affect its performance

Copyright Information and Downloading

All information contained on this site is protected by copyright pursuant to applicable laws. You agree to abide by those laws. It is a violation to copy, store or access any part of the website for any use other than your personal use. Materials can be downloaded from the site if material is printed from only one portion of the site. That material must not be modified, and you agree to copy our copyright notice.

Providing your Email Address

By providing your email address to us, you agree to allow the address to be added to our list or users. It is possible to receive occasional promotional emails from the company or an affiliate website. You may opt out of receiving these emails at any time. 

Identification Verification

We assume no liability for any person using this website. We cannot verify identity of any individual using our site. It is encouraged to communicate with a member through the available website tools to keep a record of conversation.

Ensure that you keep your online ID and password protected at all times. If someone has unauthorized access to this information, change it as quickly as possible. It is not advised to give this information to others. We are not responsible for any unauthorized transactions on your account.

Spam-Free Site

You agree that you will not use other person’s private information for purposed other than obtaining information concerning a posted transaction. You further agree not to spam another member of the site or disclose personal details about that person to anyone. Protecting identity is important and taken very seriously; you should protect the other parties information with the same degree of care as your own. You agree that other users may contact you in accordance to advert and website information.

Feedback and Website Information

We love to hear your feedback of our services and always encourage you to send us your thoughts. There are several ways in which you can contact us. If you submit ideas to improve our website or services, we will not review or consider those submissions. Submission of suggestions becomes the property of Privome.  We may use that information in any way we see fit, without obligation for compensation.

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