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Villa Owner & Managers (Work with us)

We act on behalf of villa owners and managers to market, advertise and get a reservations for their property.
On top of providing customer support, we provide a support information for the Onsite Staffing Manager to operate and managing your property.

What we offer: We help you reach your rental goal

  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Booking & reservation management
  • 100% secure booking
  • 24hrs speedy responses
  • Personalized concierge - We will ensure and provide a full support to your guest prior arrival with the most satisfaction
  • Transparent booking calendar and details
  • Transparent monthly & statistics reports

Our Criteria: What we need from you

  • Is your property ready to be rented?
  • Do you have Onsite Manager?
  • Do you have some nice photos to promote the property?

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