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Privacy Policy

The term "you" refers to a owner using our site to find customers for their holiday home rental. All of the information contained in the Privacy Policy is designed to inform you of how we protect your personal data. Information collected about you is permitted by this Privacy Policy. While there may be third party links on our site, we are not responsible for the privacy and protection of those companies. When you supply information to us, you are agreeing to all of the information contained in this Privacy Policy. If you would like a copy may be printed for your records.

Any personal information supplied to us, including name, address, email address, is collected, processed and stored for use by our companies.  We may request personal information from you for many reasons, including to process a request that you have submitted, to subscribe to a newsletter or for email response. There are other times which information may be requested, including when paying for services or registering for the site

How we use your Personal Information 

When we collect personal information from you we do so with the primary intention of providing you with the requested service and those we feel will benefit the use of our site. By viewing our site you agree that we can use the provided information for the following:

  • Toprovide the information you have requested
  • To send special messages important to the services we provide
  • To assist individuals who have done business with you
  • To customise or improve your experience using our website
  • To compare information for accuracy
  • Any information that we believe to be in violation of our website or otherwise harmful

How we Disclose your Personal Data

There are certain other times when we may disclose your personal data. We will do this only where permitted by law to do so, in response to applicable laws, law enforcement or government authority.  We may share your information with:

  • A third party performing services on our behalf
  • Another member that you have done business with
  • A third party you have asked us to share information with

In the event of a website sale, your personal information may also be sold. Potential buyers may have access to this information as a part of the sale, but always remains in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Newsletters, Telephone Inquiry and Surveys

If you sign up for our newsletter, we may contact you to send you various information. You can cancel your newsletter subscription at any time.

Surveys are occasionally sent out to those who have used the site. Information gathered from a survey is used to improve the quality of our services. Unless specifically noted, no personal information will be given to anyone outside of our company.

We record all telephone conversations. Those conversations are governed by our Privacy Policy. Information collected are stored in the same method in which other information is saved.

Protecting your Information

We take all appropriate measures to safeguard any information that you provide to us. This includes the unauthorized or unlawful processing of your data. Despite our best efforts to keep your information safe it is still your responsibility to protect yourself. You are responsible for:

  • Protecting yourself from unauthorized access to your account
  • To ensure no one else has your website log-in information
  • To log off of the site each time you are not using it

Phishing and Fake Emails

Should you receive an email that appears to be from our company but is requesting personal information such as credit card number or login password and requires you to confirm by clicking on a link, that email is likely to have been sent to you by an individual’s attempting to obtain your personal information. This information should not be provided and you should contact us immediately.

Updating your Information

You can update or change any information you have provided to us at any time. To do this, simply contact us. You can opt out of receiving future communication from us as well. Follow the simple instructions to opt out of receiving communication.

How long is Information Stored?

We retain your personal data only for a period in which it is necessary. We also keep personal information according to any applicable laws. After this time has expired all of your personal information will be destroyed.

Contact Us

If you have further questions regarding our privacy policy, find something confusing or want to obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy, contact us by email or telephone and we would be glad to provide this to you.

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